Primary love


Setting over the mountains

The sky is heating up

Light pinks

Deep blues

A little orange

The trees look so small

And the roads like tiny paths

Or even veins

Veins that lead to the heart

The heartland I call home these days

I live here

In this great divide

A divide of real and unreal

Potentially a land of dreams

I see no people

Just head lights

And tiny street lights

Changing from green to red to yellow

Again and again

A tiny land of dreams

Partial reality

With full potential for drought

Emotional drought

Not the dry kind with no water

It is a small mountain town

Minuscule really

Compared to the enormity of this big world

Up so high with everywhere to go

And simultaneously no where really

I can’t jump

I would maybe fall

Fall into this abyss of certain uncertainty

Tiny trees growing

As I fall


And closer

Spiraling downward into this realm

This realm of dying reality

Until the ground starts moving away from me

As I decide to stay

Stay up here in the safety of your arms

Your strong lustful touch

Holding me steady

As if you know

You know I am always ready

Ready to jump

Or fall

Or simply never stay put

The sky a deep orange now

But still cotton candy blue too

It is a masterpiece

The new painting the sky makes each night

With the tools it is given

This desert sky

This mountain desert sky

Has enveloped our strength

It has stolen my mind

And continuously takes my eager heart away

I think the sun

The sky and the mountain

The trees and the water

The land

This earth

These are all the thieves of my heart

The reason breathing becomes difficult

And loving becomes impossible

Living becomes sedentary

And loving you

Becomes secondary



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