Dear me

Today’s writing prompt could not have been more perfect, for me. Today is my 24th birthday. I cannot even begin to imagine the person I thought I would be today. Maybe I thought I would be more financially stable, or maybe I thought I would have a successful career. Maybe I thought I would be more organized or motivated to make a living or a career for myself. But, honestly I could not be happier with where I am right now. I have hiked more mountains, I have met more people, I have smiled and laughed more than I ever imagined. I have overcome times of real depression and anxiety. I have moved away and lived on my own in a place I had never been. I bought my own car. I have begun making decisions for myself, not for anybody else. I have learned so much, from having non-carreer jobs, and I have made connections I never dreamt of. I am independent and independently stable. I may not be the person that I thought I would be today, but man, can I tell you that I do not hate 24 so far. I hiked a mountain this morning, popped champagne with people I love. I am truly connected and thankful for so many, so many people in my life, and so many experiences and choices I have made. I feel happiness and I feel love. I feel achievement and a sense of wanderlust I am constantly fulfilling. I went through the motions of school, but I drew the line when I truly felt I needed to do my own thing, make my own moves and live. my. own. life. To the fullest. Tell me I am selfish or tell me “I don’t have my life together”, but I know that I am living for reasons “other than I am told to”, and I could not be more proud. Thank you, always.



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