On the road again

There is something about being on the road that makes everything feel worth it. Seeing new places and people and trying to understand, decipher and relate to various cultures and ways of life. One thing that I have learned so much throughout my life is the perishability of lifestyle. It is so easy to change the way you live your life, based on your surroundings, who your friends are and even the simplicity of your everyday routine. From having commitments to not having any, or very few. From trying to please people every single day to contributing more to your personal improvement. Life throws you tricky curves, but life also lays out an array of choices that you can entertain until they become your own masterpiece. The picture you create is continuously changing and it is in your power to make the swift strokes with confidence or fear and to balance the inferiority with the passivity. It is your choice to stay still or to move. No matter which choices you make, they will alter your image and create a navigational route of imperfection. It is the imperfections in the plans that illuminate the paths and help you traverse the unknowns. The unintentional consequences and even the thought out ones come with a price tag of worth that no number can initiate.

The intuition we carry with us is a variable for what comes next. We know, or we don’t know. We care or we float on. Any way we look into the future we will not accurately know the purpose of our existence until the future has become the present, we are living, and then most importantly when the past has become something we have lived. The irony of every choice we make is that the choice is never actually ours until we follow through and live, until we make an impression on the mere thought that will eternally be seen as that choice we made.

To be young is a way of life. There is no black and white vision of what it means to be young or old. There are societal boundaries that tell us when we are still young or when we have aged and become elderly, but  that is so modern and scaled. The visionary and realistic expression of age is a mindset and a choice. In a land of centurions the age of fifty is really just a midpoint and youthful, yet in a country whose average life expectancy is 60, due to society, the environment and genetics, the age of 50 is near deceased. The way we live our life, the way those around us live their lives and the mentality we have towards positivity and agelessness are the motives to youth.

In our mind we can create age based on wisdom.We can also create age based on our life experience. Some of us grow up quicker than others. Because we have to or because we choose to. Some of us take longer to grow up because of how we have been raised or how we have not been raised.

In our mind we create the motives for actions, and in our physical being we take those actions. There is a line between following through with our mental motives or staying still and just creating an image of the opportunities we could be following through with or the ideas that we think we should manifest into reality. We don’t always follow through. Some of us never do. Some of us sometimes do. It is the times when we do follow through that we are creating imperfections in our lives and igniting the flame for a more interesting life experience. The dullness of undetermined expression is the stake for a battlefield of wounded impossibility.

I continue to go places and I continue to enlighten opportunity within myself and upon others, not because I have an endless pool of money allowing me to do so, or because I have to, or because I think I am running out of time and have to “see everything while I am still young”. No. The reason I continue to move around and continue embellesh my mind, my heart, and my soul with new possibilities is because it makes me feel alive. The constant possibilities and the constant newness makes me feel. The feelings are not always good, but they are feelings and they are there. I have a fear of living a life of contentment and I fear having a closed mind. I do not fear being alone or never being loved. I don’t fear never having money or not getting my dream job. I fear being a number in this giant place, on this giant planet.

Every single day more numbers are added to the system. If we all drown ourselves in contentment, do you think we might regret the stillness we created or not becoming more than our potential. I move to feel, and I hope you do to.

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