The perfect mask

Recent advice I gave to a friend:

“Trust me, nobody knows the answers and nobody is ever right no matter what they tell you. Life is just all about the choices we make. Thats what i think at least.”

IF we all believed everything we were told we would be going in circles, perilous circles of frustration and adherence to dominance. This is a life of confusion and slavery to the mind. We all have our own minds and there is no reason we should not be using them to the best of our ability. There are certain pieces of information that we learn from other people, information and life lessons that we are taught. Many and most of these are useful and necessary. But what about the information we are given on a regular bases that we believe just to believe. The spiraling amount of information that is constantly thrown at us in a a powerful and persuasive way is often painfully undeniable or easily trusted. The stem of these falsifications come from inconsistencies in advice, and also impatience. Impatience for finding the truth.

We are constantly searching for something, anything to believe.

Many of us are trapped in a mindset of absence. Absence for speaking our mind and believing our thoughts. The emptiness for our individuality has led us to what are no longer malleable circumstances. It has led us to searching for what is ideal. The ideal, however, is unreachable and unreal. Through mechanisms of disguise we can no longer see the truth, see the uniqueness and the inconsistencies. We see, only the perfection that is truthfully imperfection under a mask. 

Because of many of these mind games and trickery that we have adapted to, we have a tendency to believe not only what we are told but in turn how we feel, based on the information thrown at us. We believe there are more beautiful images and that we do not meet those images. We believe that we are not good enough and that we must hide. We are constantly covering up our insecurities. Whether we know it out not, most of us are hiding under a mask that we can feel or maybe that we are not even aware of. This mask is not always a bad thing. Often times it is necessary. But, the covering up of our insecurities based on falsified information that we believe due to impatience and neutrality are the insecurities that we should try harder to hold onto and be proud of. Allow these insecurities to become real and find the joy within them. I believe that they will bring you to places of beauty and self love that you were completely unaware of.


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