For the good ones

Sometimes it is the little things, or the simple words of people who mean a lot to you that can really change your perspective or change the way you perceive the opportunities at your hand.

I recently found out, after going through a series of interviews, that I was denied an employment position that I was very excited and fairly confident about getting. I was immediately bummed. I hate rejection. I hate feeling as though I am not “good enough” for something–anything. I guess that is a normal human characteristic, but I also think I tend to take things a bit more personal than the average joe.

I allowed myself to take a tiny amount of time to do some personal wallowing, I allowed myself to be irritated with myself, and with the people who had interviewed me for a small amount of time; people who barely even know me. I may have cried for one minute. Then I went the semi-selfish route and texted some of my best friends looking for some words of enlightenment and maybe a tiny bit of pity and hopefully some self-motivation.

What I really wanted was just to be annoyed with myself, tell myself I was a screw up and engage in personal dissatisfactory–whatever that even is. It felt like what I wanted. I just wanted to pout and say “wah”. Instead, I decided to look to the people who mean the most to me.

If there is an important lesson I have learned throughout my life about people, it is that you keep the good ones around. You keep a balance of respect, gratitude and motivation for the people in your life that you know will do the same for you. I think relationships are built off of these characteristics. Oh and trust. Trust that the important people in your life will trust you, and that you can trust the advice that they give to you.


If you cannot respect the differences among people and tolerate the unique characteristics and personalty traits that each individual has, you cannot truly form a great bond with them. To have a mutual respect with another person is a commonality that will build any lasting friendship. Respect but do not downgrade your own personality or change yourself, because you must remember that the way you are will be respected mutually as you will respect the other. At least if the relationship is meant to be real. Without respect, no relationship even makes sense, because the end result is jealousy, hate, betrayal or insincerity for the aspects you do not wish to accept.


To be grateful towards somebody is the trigger for support and meaningful intentions. If you cannot be thankful for the presence and the intentions of another person, there will be no foundational relationship.


I think it is so important to be able to motivate any person you want good intentions for. Whether a friend, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, husband or wife, mother, daughter, sister or brother. No matter who it is, if you have a mutual adherence for motivation towards the other person, and you truly want them to succeed, you will motivate them to be the best they can be.


I think trust is the base and the ignition to a successful friendship or any relationship at that. If you cannot put trust into another person it will not be the type of relationship that will last or have the best intentions for anybody. Also, trust yourself and trust that you will make the decisions that benefit yourself as well as the other.

After I found out about this job rejection, one of my best friends texted me: “You should just be happy. Some things don’t work out. Be thankful for the things that do”.

It was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. The simplicity of it was what really made me think. The simplicity yet the real meaning.

Be happy. Yes, life should be that simple, just do what makes you happy. Be. The happiness inside of you is what creates a positive energy for meaningful experiences.

Some things don’t work out. Duh, Micayla. Not everything in life works out the way we want it to. If it did, well that is just impossible. Not everything can happen in an ideal and perfect manner, especially not for every human at once. That would be crazy and scary.

Be thankful. Be thankful for what does work out, because those things work out for a reason, and that reason will typically bring you to a place you will eventually be grateful for.

After all, we have met and we will meet so many more people throughout our lives. We have best friends and we have personal relationships that mean so much to us. Some of them last. I think the most important rule of thumb to remember is not the respect, the gratitude, the motivation and the trust, but the pureness of being happy.

A lot of people don’t realize that it is the little things that really get me thinking. The thoughts and the words that weren’t thoroughly thought out or meant to be persuasive. It is the words of simplicity that strike me as the most important and the most wise. We all have a little wisdom in us, and I like to find that in people. So, thank you to everybody who is real and says the stuff that counts. I know you all do, but specifically, today, thank you Lind. Thank you for reminding me that being happy is the gold. Being happy is the true ignition and trigger to a positive outlook, a purposeful future and the truth that not everything will go the way you want, but that you hold personal bliss inside of you. If it is your intention to find happiness look inside of you and be thankful for what does not work out so you can be ready for what does, and in turn you will keep your spark alive.

The good ones will encourage you to be happy. Thank you.

“You should just be happy. Some things don’t work out. Be thankful for the things that do” -Lindsay Sevec

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