do or degrade

Are you losing parts of yourself each time you pass up an opportunity to learn or change or take a chance?

Take a chance you beautiful soul, for the opportunities that seize your willful ambition will take you to places you never knew.

We have the ability to hold onto the same mindset forever, but where is the beauty in that? I don’t think there are constants in life, other than those scientifically proven forces, which still remain measurable yet immeasurable. Even those proven obstacles hit boundaries of obscure intentions or unbalanced criteria that forces have no control over. Nothing is forever and nothing will stay the same for eternity. So, if you keep your mindset the same forever, you will get lost and stuck in a place of unintentional confusion and you may immerse your visions into a pool of fog. As everything around you is changing, you must adjust and accept the new ideas and the new opportunities, for if you don’t you may drown and eventually regret what you have missed.

Living is back and forth. There is no “life that you have chosen” or “life that you are stuck in forever”. Life is a constant forward and backward motion of what you have done, what you will do and what you are doing right now. It is easy to get stuck in what you are doing or what you are not doing, but the beauty of getting stuck is that you can escape and you can make a change. The beauty of not knowing what you are supposed to be doing is that nobody knows what they are supposed to be doing, ever. We are all riding this free falling life while consistently searching for a climb or a reason to jump. The ups and downs are natural. The ups and downs make life worth it. They make life worth the good and the bad. The ups and the downs and the back and forth motions of life are out of our control yet they also put us in a position to make changes that are absolutely in our control.

Take me into a life that I regret and I hate, so I can keep moving through this life that I love, a life that is worth remembering and working for.

The life that is easy and stays on track is a life misguided. Misguided perfection is so far from ideal that it becomes a life of insanity. No matter what you do you will never need an invitation for your own life. The choice to show up is yours. The choice to say yes to new opportunities is always yours. There is no right or wrong answer, but the answer that leads to obstacles, fear or new places is the choice that will build who you are. The choice that leads to what is normal and what feels safe will degrade you.

Do, or degrade your life with each choice that you make. I think if we do more with our lives and degrade our lives less as we look back on what we have been through and the life that we have built we will smile more, and we will have less regret. The less opportunities we pass up the more we are truly living, the more we are growing and the more we are adjusting to the constant changing motions of life. If we are continuously adapting to the abnormality, the more we are running from what seems easy and the more we are allowing ourselves to live and do the most.

Quit degrading your life by staying stuck where you are, because everything around you is changing, and if you say no to all of the opportunities that have the potential to build you, I think you are going backward. Do more and degrade less because you want to be more rather than less.



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