“Dear Future”

Are we running from our problems or do we just not want to be situated for the long run?

We have a plan, or do we not, but what we know is that we will never know the future of the uncertainties that drive our every choice. We long for destination, yet we embrace change as if we think it will set all our wrongs right and steady our wobbly heads on top our shoulders.

My letter to what is coming:

Dear Future,

I will bring you down, and you will test my limits, but you build me up and I build you down. I want success and I want distance, and you keep me from falling and growing all at once. I am emerging yet I am falling down this slippery slope of undiscovered nothings that could be somethings if I pulled stronger at your anchor and lifted myself onto the sturdy platform that wobbles with my pure motionless existence. I move you. You keep me grounded. We fall apart together and together we become something. We will become something because we were all nothing and we will be something. Together or alone we stand and we fall.

You are in my head forever, my constant distraction of what comes next. Young nothings become raw somethings that exist as incoherent possibilities that sink or swim. We can float or we can panic and drown. I choose to do them all. I choose to learn and grow. I choose to live the stormy life and the life of light, because both will teach me to be whatever I become. And I plan on becoming something great. I think we all should. That is the beauty of our choices. We have the power to be or just exist without truly being. We have the abnormality to be so different yet so the same. To hold our ground as the pureness of the simple being or we have the power to exist and emerge as the tempter and tester of limits. The tester moves walls and tackles boundaries where new limits are created. The stillness is a distraction for me, it keeps me from being the same and just staying. The stillness makes me move. It makes me make mistakes and go to places I never expected. The choices I make when I disrupt the stillness creates me.

You are everywhere, future. You are the constant and I am the mover. Time is the creator and I am the doer. You make me do because you are constantly out of my reach. You are constantly encouraging me to do more, and constantly initiating my motions and my choices. You constant creator, I would be nowhere without you. Stuck in my motionless pureness of backwardness. It is you who moves me. I thank you future, for continuing to push my limits and enlighten my dreams.

Don’t quit on me, and I won’t on you, for what I have learned is it is I who truly keeps your dreams alive.

Processed with Rookie


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