This is a wonderful read. I am sure everybody can relate.

A Healthy and Happy Community

From #mcm to #tbt, social media has identified a hashtag for almost every day of the week. Upon pulling up my Facebook newsfeed this morning, I noticed a handful of friends who have posted for #transformationtuesday. Our society is so influenced by social media, and it provides a ‘feel good sensation’ to those who decide to post photos of themselves and how they have dramatically (or maybe not so much) changed over the years. Some do it because photos of themselves from the 80’s or 90’s are too hilarious not to share. Some show pictures of their high school graduation next to their college graduation photo. But in the world of weight loss, #transformationtuesday is a big deal! It’s an opportunity to show others how far you have come and to feel loved by how many “likes” you get on your photo… and I’d like to bet that majority of those “likes” are…

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