She is the way she is.

You cannot change her.

You can respect her.

You will never “own” her.

You will love her.

You will do everything in your power to keep her smiling, but she will never “belong” to you.

She will be yours and you will be hers.

You will be in a partnership.

She wants you to be happy, and she needs you to make her happy.

She has a soul for spontaneity and needs a companion who will support her decisions and tell her she can do more than she believes she can.

She needs a soul to keep her spirits high.

She has big plans but is not confident in their destination.

You will need to impress her, she deserves to be blown away by you.

You must be passionate.

Passion for life, passion for her, but most importantly passion for what you love and do.

Nothing is sexier to her than a man with a dream, and a man who works hard for his dream.

You need to make her feel wanted.

She is confident but struggles with feeling wanted.

She should not have to try too hard to feel like you want to be with her.

She needs her time alone but she needs you to really want to spend time with her.

You must understand that she gets lonely.

Never let her feel like she will end up alone.


She has a guilty conscious.

She des things the right way and doesn’t like being in a position of unexpected vulnerability.

Keep her head on straight and when she makes a mistake help her laugh it off.

We all mess up.

She knows that.

Let her kno that you know that, too.

She just wants to be wanted.

She wants a man to want her.

You have to really truly want her.

She wants the same for you.



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