I challenge you

We are good at things and we are bad at things. Or so we say. We portray ourselves certain ways, making people believe that we have strengths and weaknesses, making ourselves believe that we are good and bad at things. I think we are just afraid sometimes to allow ourselves to be good at certain ambitions. We think that just because we may have failed once that we cannot shine next time. Quit thinking too much about failures and accomplishments, and just do.

I challenge you to write. Just put your pen on the paper and move your wrist, and see what happens. No thinking, just writing. Your mind will allow words to appear, even if you don’t think it makes sense, if it is what your mind is saying it is an accomplishment. Just try.

“If your words come, let them come. You have a beautiful soul and your words shall not be overthought. It’s a talent to be grateful for, not every soul can be so free. You let your hand move and the words will flow. Close your mind to indifference and don’t struggle–it is natural. Believe in what your mind achieves. You have more wisdom than you’ll ever know, and you need to express the thoughts you own and the words you make. Create a constructive way of being and your interpretation of living and breathing are anticipated in your heart, your emerging emotions are words that will be appreciated and understood by many. You must learn to turn off the barriers and indulge in acceptance of what comes from within. Allow distractions to become disengaging works of art. Your singing soul shines further than you’ll ever really know”.

Too many people overthink the process of writing. I think and believe that writing is a form of art. It is one that can be overthought and detail oriented, until it becomes a masterpiece of fiction or non-fiction. It can be a work of art that took time and a thinking process of miraculous measures. It can be stressful and stem from time management and emotions. Or it can be a mindless swipe of the brush, and motion of the pen. It can be talent that evolves from mere movement and appreciation. Writing can be easy and beautiful all at once. I challenge you to move your pen and calm your brain. Your words will shine. Your soul is alive, even when you disagree.

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