Call me a Leo

This morning my horoscope told me to start putting myself first more. To an extent, I understand this because I know I am a people pleaser, I like to make people happy and do things right for people. But at the same time, where is the truth in that? If you are constantly trying to please other people where does the truth sit in pleasing yourself. But what if making other people happy, is what actually makes me happy? In that case can’t I continue living the way I am. Maybe it is not how everybody lives their life, but for me I think it works. I’m not saying I am better than anybody I am rather saying that to make myself a better and more joyful person I aim to do the same for others, and when I succeed for other people I succeed for me.

Make other people smile, because it will rub off on you. Making other people happy is the greatest gift we can give to another person, and it is not rocket science.

The pure simplicity of making another human smile brings more joy than any money will ever buy.

I’m a Leo, I can be stubborn and I cling to my pride, but one thing I will always be proud of is my adaptation to new situations and altering my opinion to empathize with others. Nobody is perfect. I am so far from perfect it makes life hard sometimes, as it does for everybody, but when you realize that life is a journey, nothing in life is perfect and every choice you make has a consequence, positive or negative, you can alter your motives and your opinions–which are constantly capable of changing–and you can make people smile, too.

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