Embrace the identity you believe in

There is no reason to stay stuck somewhere you don’t want to be. It should not be the most difficult thing in the world to escape a situation you do not love. If you are not embracing each day with joy and intent for happiness, you probably need a change.

But, there is a struggle between loving where you are while at the same time longing for another destination. I don’t want to say I get bored easily, because that is not it, I just anticipate something greater than what I have. This is by no means in an ungrateful manner. I am more pleased with where I am than I can ever express. I have done more than many people will do in their entire lives. I have seen so many places and experienced so many emotions. I am in a new place, but I desire more newness. Each day that brings a new face, a new emotion and a new adventure is a magical day for me. This town is too small for me. I know I will have a new experience and continue to learn each day, but it is the massiveness of unconditional change that I long for. That, and love. 

We all want love. I have so much love. You can never have too much love. I want to find a love for travel with someone I love. I am young and I want to experience places on my own, but I also want to share these places and experiences. In the future I want this love. But for now, I want to love my crazy life and learn about my crazy self a little more each day. 

I love my life that I live and I will always love the new beginnings. I will also embrace the positive relationships that I have made and continue to accept new friendships and new love. 

Don’t hate. People will hurt you, you will get bored, you will have a bad day and you will make decisions you regret, but there is absolutely no need to truly hate because of mistakes or misconceptions. Hate brings stress and stress brings illness. Accept that mistakes will be made and people will hurt you, but don’t allow these mishaps to bring you down to a negative level or betrayal for yourself or for others. With a clear mind you can tame feelings of unhappiness or sadness and turn them into something positive. This can be tough. But you can do it. 

This stems from perspective. I have been doing a lot of thinking about perspective lately. Problems that you have, that may seem so gigantic and life ruining at one moment, are actually so much smaller than you originally may have thought. Wherever you are right now and whatever you are doing is so small, yet significant. The choices you make right now have small impacts on the greater picture, but can have a major role in how the greater picture will come together. Look up from what you are doing right now, look into the deep blue sky or the foggy clouds, watch the cars drive by or the leaves move on the trees. There is a huge world out there. Do you want the simple misconceptions and seemingly huge but in reality small negatives to harm your world, or do you want to take what you have, take a breath and make a difference for the better. Smile. Get up and do something that warms your soul. If you create positive thoughts and embrace your full potential more often than not, you have the ability to live each day moving forward to brighter potential. The person you dream to be is not as far away as you may think. 


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