sturdy bones and open hearts

Why are we afraid to be ourselves. Rather, why are we afraid to understand ourselves?

Knowing exactly who you are is an impossible task. We don’t always know why we do what we do. I think sometimes we need to talk, talk a lot in order to truly understand ourselves. Talking about yourself is a challenge for some people. Not necessarily taking about ourselves in the sense that we talk about what we did today or who our friends are. I mean talking about deeper things. Talk about why you think you are the way you are, what you have accomplished in life, talk about your relationships with certain people–not your boyfriend or your sister or your best friend, talk about relationships with co-workers ,why do you have different types of relationships and how does each one shape you and your future, or looking back on your past what happened in your life because of certain people or certain scenarios. 

Are you learning something everyday? Don’t ever let there come a day that you stop learning. We are alive because of what we learn, and we act the way we do because or what we learn. Learning is always a constant. It could be reading from a book or it could be overhearing a conversation. Learning is most often from making mistakes. We learn the most from what we do wrong, which is how we learn what works for us. Our failed relationships, our failed classes, or embarrassing moments, our anxiety, our wrong turns and our moments of hatred and regret–these are our moments of learning. We learn what hurts us and what builds us up. What relationships build or break us. The ones that break us, we learned from, but they are not worth keeping around. But, when they do break us more than once, we get a little stronger each time. Being broken more than once, builds us up and allows us to teach ourselves how to grow and how to learn. 

When we don’t exceed expectations, we are allowing ourselves an opportunity for backwards motions and the likelihood of being unsuccessful. Laziness or being average are hold ups that will cease our ability to learn, improve and embrace our existence. The constant forward motion of life allows for indescribable feelings of existence and the feeling of a self sustaining exploration for the inherent possibilities of the future. Keep your gaze ahead, your head on your shoulders, your mind so open and your ears apprehensive but excited for newness. Take everywhere opportunity to grow and never let failures set you back, rather allow failures to make you more resilient and open to failing again. When you realize that failure is not so hard as you thought, you embrace it and allow to be make your bones sturdier, your mind healing and your heart so open. 


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