The impossible is in your reach.

When life becomes a competition, you lose a part of yourself. Probably the most important part. The part that keeps you doing what you love to do. Competing is about beating other people. You should be bettering yourself everyday, but you should also be bettering others–not competing to crush them. Build your own soul but stabilize the souls of the ones around you, too. Keep your head high, but also play a role in heightening those around you–make other people better, so you can feel better. 


Stand up for yourself. Be open to new possibilities, but when your gut feels, your gut feels and it is typically right on. Scare yourself but don’t go so far off track that you fear who you have become. 


I often fear words that i speak. That is no way to live a life of honesty, it is a way of impractical assumptions that will tear you apart. You do not know what other people are thinking, so do not assume that they will disagree with your thoughts. Be open to disagreements, and be ready to accept that you are wrong or that your thoughts are different than others. You know something that they don’t know, and they know things that you don’t know. If everybody knew the same stuff, well that would be a weird world. Be okay with being belittled. It is going to happen sometimes. Remember that other times, you will be teaching somebody else something that they did not know. You have awesome thoughts. Share them often. You know more than you know, and people want to know more from you thank you think. Be ready to be confused and be ready to absorb the uneasiness because something will come of it. Just you wait. 


Be silly, be wild, open your heart and your mind learn everyday, take chances, but don’t get too lost that you can’t come back, and be ready to love, because that too will change your life. Keep growing and learning, but stop competing with the people whose lives may seem more exciting or well-lived because they think what you have done is great, and who have no need to compete for a life that is not yours. You want what you can’t have, so get after it all. You will reach what now seems unlikely. 


Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 7.26.19 PM




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