strengthen your limits of acceptability, and grow

We all have to be a little more free. 

Say what you mean, do what you feel. Respect other people, their beliefs and their opinions, but when it really comes down to the inspirational happiness we all strive for, it really just matters if you are doing what is going to light the flame in your soul that will ignite the fire of freedom. 

There are limits to what you can and cannot do. But are there, really? 

There are levels of acceptability which allow for certain  ambitious possibilities. 

Something that deems acceptable to you, may allow you to reach a greater unknown, than somebody with a lesser version of acceptability. These levels of acceptability stem from how we were raised as well as what experiences we have had–with what limits we have been taught, and also our personal goals and what intimidates us. There is a line of critical belief in what we think is okay. 

Some of us don’t know how to be alone, because we never have been. For those people, their level of acceptability is low when it comes to being alone. For others, being alone is a norm and very acceptable. 

Based on what we experience and where we come from, we take chances and create our possibilities differently. Take risks based on your knowledge. Knowledge is definitely power. but risks create the abundance of knowledge. Without taking chances, and endangering our limits we risk the chance of growing and strengthening our limits of acceptability. 


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