signs are real

I think we forget how important signs are. We come across different signs in our lives that have meaning, but I think we often overlook this.

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday. I saw a shooting star. On my birthday. I think that is a pretty stellar thing. Shooting stars symbolize wishes, but also I think they symbolize opportunity and new possibilities. I guess that is sort of what a wish is, right? You wish for something to happen or you wish for good fortune. To me, that shooting star is in image of what is to come. And I cannot wait.

I took a big chance on myself and on life this year. I took a chance on what my future will be like. I took a chance on not only myself, but all of the people in my life. The relationships that I have. I took a chance on them. How strong, stable and meaningful must a relationship be in order for it to last.

It doesn’t matter. The important ones won’t disintegrate. They will stay in reaching distance. I think we also create new relationships when we take chances. I have made new connections, even with people I am further away from, being where I am now, compared to where I was. It is about how you live your life each day. The chances you take, the people you reach out to, the opportunities you don’t let slip away. Risk it. Don’t get stuck in your comfort zone, because it will become a lonely place. It will become a place of boredom.


“Do something everyday that scares you” – Eleanor Roosevelt


This will always be a favorite quote of mine. It makes sense. If you truly truly want to get the most out of the life that you have, take chances, risk what you have, because you will indeed become someone, and you will feel what it is like to really truly and honestly LIVE.




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