Don’t just be; because you are becoming.

The world is filled with all sorts of relationships. No relationship is the same. I don’t think any are truly equal either. That would probably be a little weird. I mean any relationship, between any people. Whether it is a romantic relationship, a business relationship, best friends, family, relationships with pets. They are all their own. You have so many relationships within your personal life, and they are all a little different. Or a lot different. You might be a different person with different people. You act in a certain way with you best friend, but you might act differently when you are with your boyfriend, you girlfriend, your grandma, your boss. They all differ. We can say we are “being ourselves” or “this is just who I am”. What. who are we really? We are different versions of ourselves everyday. We don’t necessarily do it on purpose. We change the way we act. We might do it because we want somebody to see us a certain way, or maybe we just get caught up in how another person acts, so we act that way, unintentionally. Or on purpose.

It is important to experience all versions of yourself. We are caught up in a world that tells us to love who we are. We get confused by this, because we aren’t just “who we are”. That doesn’t really make sense. That makes us seem so two dimensional. This gets confusing and stresses us out. “Be yourself”. That is like an ultimatum. Be you or don’t be you. No. It is not that simple. You can’t give your entire life an ultimatum like that. You don’t even know who you are. You don’t actually BECOME somebody one day. You are becoming somebody every single day of your life. Tomorrow you are not the same as you were yesterday.

My advice would be to live your life with the constant thought of possibilities. Pull in the anchor of struggling to be who you are, and just be. Float, drift, learn and be accepting of possibilities. Get a little lost in “who you are becoming” but also stay a bit grounded in what you believe. Don’t stay grounded in who you are, because you will get stuck. Stay grounded in doing, saying and feeling what makes sense to you, and what excites you.

Experience every relationship you have a little differently, because all of these relationships shape you and alter your growth a little bit. You are on a journey to become somebody, but now is not the time to settle in that someone. You will truly be someone when you die and people will talk about “who you were” but while you are still alive, just be. Continue to be every single day of your life, because ever single day you are “becoming” somebody, and you are worth being.

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