The fear of being who you are.

I don’t have time to be somebody I’m not.

And neither do you.

I don’t think we truly start to be our complete selves until we are 100% on our own. Not everybody gets to this point. Some people don’t require it, other people don’t see the point, but most of us are just afraid.

There is no use in being afraid. We make plans out to be so much larger and more complex than they actually are. We live in a world. We think this world is so incredibly immense, which it is. But not so immense that we cannot attain independence within it.

There are times in our life when we are absolutely allowed to be, and supposed to be afraid. There are also times in our life when we use fear as an excuse. Are we actually afraid of being alone, or are we afraid of becoming a different person? Are we afraid of independence or are we just afraid of losing what we have?

Hold on tight to what you have, but open your arms so wide to new opportunities. The sun shines and so does the moon. In other words, there will always be light ahead and light behind. Never get lost in the dark, for when it is dark, it does not stay dark forever.

Close your eyes to insecurities and open them back up to who you really are. There is always time to be who you are.



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