Advice from someone who cares.

I have been on this earth for almost 23 years. I am nobody special, but I have learned some important pieces of information throughout my life. I think it is important to share what you learn, and these are some important pieces of information I believe are helpful in life.

How to be Somebody, and like it:

1. Be accepting of who you want to be, and be.

2. There is no need for negativity. Especially towards strangers. You don’t know them, they don’t know you. Why be rude?

3. Extreme routines are silly. Keep change continuous but also keep the momentum strong. Flow, but don’t stay mainstream.

4. Talk to people you don’t know. You will learn form them, and you will learn about yourself, too.

5. Forgive people. Especially the people you love. Bitterness and guilt will literally kill you.

6. Stretch, lay flat on your back, close your eyes and take really deep breaths every day. You will feel awesome.

7. Spend more time alone. You need this more than you know.

8. Accept the fact that it is absolutely okay to not understand other people, or yourself. It’s a learning process and there is no final answer.

9. Take time to think about how cool life is. Anything alive is so awesome. Ecosystems and tiny creatures.

10. Speaking of life, take time to just focus on how cool babies are. They become big humans. You were a tiny baby once. You lived inside of another human.

11. Eat foods that are real. Plants and animals. Special K is not real. Real ingredients. IF it even has a list of ingredients it probably isn’t gonna be the best choice.

12. Appreciate the sun. And never underestimate the beauty of the moon.

13. Live somewhere you could never actually picture yourself living.

14. Do something you told yourself not to do. It’s invigorating.

15. Take risks.

16. Make a fool of yourself. Do this one often. You will make people laugh. Making people laugh makes you feel awesome.

17. Take charge. What are you waiting for?

18. Have your own style. Fashion police are not real. Be a trendsetter.

19. Surprise people. It is an awesome feeling.

20. Be honest. People can relate to honesty. Lies get confusing and hurtful.

21. Never ever be afraid to cry. Show your true colors.

22. If you are upset with yourself, don’t beat yourself up for too long. It is not worth it.

23. Don’t get offended by constructive criticism. Unless you truly think you are right. Then, stand up for yourself.

24. Give yourself credit for being beautiful. I truly believe that if you saw yourself the way the rest of the world saw you, you would be astounded by your beauty.

25. Never give up on life. If its bad, it won’t be forever. Happiness is the aftermath of struggle.

26. Help other people. Even if it is just a smile or a hello. Maybe they have a hard life. You just made it a tiny bit better.

27. Talk. About things that matter to you. Say your opinion. People will judge you. People will agree.

28. Don’s rush love. And don’t give ultimatums. Its rude and not truthful.

29. Wear comfy shoes, drink a beer and hug someone. Happiness people, happiness.

30. Let yourself get hurt and heartbroken. More than once. It sucks but it makes you so much stronger.

31. Take opportunities to travel and see new places. Explore everything.

32. Keep learning and listening. Being close-minded is a sign of weakness.

33. Have dreams. They are allowed to continuously change.

34. BE the change. Gandhi was onto something.

35. Listen to your gut. This is a real thing. It’s typically right.

36. Smile, be friendly and never lose faith and hope in others. Society and the world, just like individual humans make mistakes and struggle, but we can always pull through.

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