Never regret the decision to live.

I’m not going anywhere new right now. I like it here. I like it a lot.

This is exactly what I needed, for so long. A change. A new place. New faces. To be alone, completely on my own. Completely. Don’t get me wrong, I love my home and my friends and my family and where I come from. But, I have an adventurous soul. I thrive off of spontaneity, new-ness and I like a challenge. I wouldn’t say I get bored easily, but I am constantly searching for something new, different and exciting. I think this is a characteristic of mine that could potentially become hazardous in the future, but at the same time I think it is just who I need to be right now, and how I must experience life.

I Wake up and life feels right. When I was back home, I was waking up everyday feeling like I wasn’t doing it right. I was missing something, I was supposed to be somewhere else, I just wasn’t me. I needed a change. I needed freedom, space and a challenge. I am good at being on my own. I am well travelled, I am friendly, I believe I have a kind spirit and soul that wishes to bring out the best in every person I meet. I have weaknesses, everybody has weaknesses, but I truly believe that one of my greatest strengths is finding the good in others. There is no time for increased negativity. I don’t think so at least. We can all grow, always there is an opportunity to grow, be stronger and make changes within ourselves to make ourselves happier, healthier and feel as though we have a purpose. My purpose right now is to believe and to do. I believe that what I am doing is right and I will continue to do it because it feels right. Yes, I have a college degree and I have a college degree in something awesome. I would definitely not say that I am wasting my life working at a coffee shop when I have a real college degree. If someone tells me that I think they are not only close-minded but stuck in an unfortunate loop that so many people are stuck in today. There is absolutely not rush into “a real job” or “the real world”. What the absolute hell does that even mean. The REAL world. Every single damn day is the real freaking world. We could all become cookie cutter pieces in the cookie cutter plan which seems to be brainwashing the majority of people, or we can take a chance on ourselves and do not only what feels right, but what is not the absolute norm. Find the loophole that belongs to you. Never let yourself get stuck in the momentum of “should”, because you will always have in the back of your head the “woulds” or “coulds” that never were.

Take a chance on yourself and do what makes you happy. Stop thinking so much, start doing, and do with passion. There is no wrong way. You can always back track, but you can never go back to something you never truly began. Get going, now is your time, because you truly truly do not know where you will be tomorrow or the next day. Live for you and never regret a decision that made you feel alive.

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