your life is yours wherever you go

Today, I saw my first butterfly of the year, brushed the first ant off of my leg and heard my first bird-sized bee buzz past my head…and then i saw three more. It is officially warm weather season in New Hampshire. That is exciting stuff. I recently heard that the bat population is decreasing, therefore the mosquito population is increasing exponentially. That is terrifying. I guess every season has its pros and cons. Here is to a summer of tan lines, adventures and the fewest number of mosquito bites possible.

As I sit outside on my deck with a beautiful pool in front of me, happy music playing, a cup of coffee and the sun shining, I am so thankful to be where I am. I am thinking about a conversation I overheard at work a couple weeks ago. “Your life is the same where ever you go”. Yes, the way you live your life changes when you live in different places, but no matter what it is always your life. The things that make you happy will always be the things that make you happy. The people you love will still be the people you love despite where your feet are planted. It is a matter of mentality. Some people love change. These people do well with carrying their life around with them. Some people like to stay grounded, with their securities in place.

I said at the beginning of the year that my symbols for 2014 were a rock and a feather. I want to be grounded in who I am and what I believe but also be light and moving, open to new possibilities. It is almost halfway through the year and I can honestly say I am proud of the person I have been in 2014. I am learning to be who I am no matter where I am. I say yes when I want to and no when I don’t. This is your life and your choices. I am becoming comfortable with who I am while simultaneously keeping my eyes open for new possibilities, ready to welcome them into my life. I plan on moving this year. I don’t know where yet, but it is something I will do. I know it is what I want, but the newfound patience I have will allow the move to happen when the time is right. I am excited for my currently blinded future.

It is a limitless life, I am young and I can do anything I want with me life. Here is to living.





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