the wanderlust ignition

Two weeks ago I was in China. I spent two days in Hangzhou and three days in Shanghai exploring a completely new culture and observing what seemed to me a spectacular yet bazaar way of life. 

In New Hampshire, where I live, and have lived my entire twenty two years of life, I have always thought that everybody looks pretty much the same. Caucasian males and females, for the most part, going about their daily lives, driving their cars to work, taking the bus to school, running or bicycling on the side of the road, walking their dogs etc etc. Life has pretty much been “normal” and I have lived a fairly safe life thus far. Like anybody else, I believe if I had grown up in a different place, my life would be much different. See, I think I am a spontaneity-driven soul constantly in search of adventure. Not necessarily, drive a couple miles to the nearest walking trail with the dog and go for a quick hike, type of adventure. Don’t get me wrong, I love that. But, the adventure I seek on a regular basis, I think is an adventure for the soul. My life is regulated via goals, creation and appreciation. All together with control and sometimes a sense of entitlement but also with a pure need for making others feel good. A strong sense of reflection is important as well. I have recently come to understand these attributes of myself. 


When a person experiences new places, people and seeks new opportunities I believe they overcome fears and allow themselves to have the ability to replenish a purpose inside of them. A large part of me is made up of ambitious wanderlust, and when I experience something new and when I travel I allow myself to redeem a piece of my wanderlust ignition. In all different sizes there is wanderlust inside each of us. I think so at least. Boredom and repetition lead to stress, anxiety and lower levels of happiness. Thrill and movement lead to heightened emotions, a life of momentum and overall more smiling. 




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