fuel the beauty

I have a fear of allowing myself to feel beautiful.

I think so many people have this same fear, and if we saw ourselves the way the rest of the world saw us, we would be astounded by our own beauty.

Being a person today, living in today’s society, there are so many images of what it means to be beautiful, and nobody knows what real beauty is anymore. Is it the stick skinny model who we think eats enough calories for a small child in one day, or is it the “plus-sized” girl with blonde hair, big boobs and a booty that will rock your world. Who gets to choose, and who even has the right to say that is how those girls even live their lives. Maybe, just maybe that so-called plus-sized girl is the girl starving herself and that anorexic-looking girl physically cannot gain weight. We don’t know who we are judging. And these days we don’t even know why we are judging. We don’t know what beauty is anymore so we judge anything and everyone that could possibly not be beautiful. Do we do this so that we can hold our own heads up high and feel better about ourselves? Or do we do it because we have really just become a sick world filled with too much hate that we don’t even realize that we are being hurtful.

I think the structure upon our existence has taken so many turns and battled so many road blocks that we are an engine of combustion. We are not dead and our automobile we call life has not stalled, but we are a consistently fueled up engine burning rubber and letting off a vulgar stench of steam along the way. We are being productive in our journey, yet we are causing harm to others, as well as creating insecurities within ourselves.

We spend too much time thinking about our insecurities, because society has built us to feel this way, but in reality even though the negativity spirals around us, we must push it aside, because whether or not we believe it there are people looking at us every single day admiring our mere existence in this world. Somebody is admiring your beauty today, tomorrow and every day. Remind yourself that just because somebody doesn’t tell you that you are beautiful everyday doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to tell yourself you are beautiful everyday. And never forget that somebody out there, many people out there can see the beauty you hold behind your wall of insecurities.

I think it is time to make a positive change in the beauty department. There is so much beauty everywhere, we all have it and we all deserve to feel it. So don’t tell other people they aren’t beautiful. But more importantly tell yourself you are beautiful. When you accept your own beauty you can accept other peoples’ beauty.




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