Unlock your door and change the way you think

Have you ever thought about how if you changed your overall perception on life, how your life could change. The way we perceive situations truly determines how we live our life. Our responses and our attitudes on certain situations really emulate how our peers react and how our mind remembers to respond in the future. 

Having a certain perception is much like having a restricted and closed mind. Those who have open minds and allow new perspectives into their lives are often more likely to live a more wildly colorful life and swiftly move through life with much pleasure, adventure and the ability to learn often. Those with closed minds are much like a dead bolted door that will not even sway in the wind. A door that stays shut, never lets new voyagers set foot inside. A mind that stays closed is on a track for a lonely, empty and slowly dissipating path for success. The times are always changing, and if we keep the same perspective forever, never changing, the world would be stuck. Everything around us is constantly changing, which means, there are people everywhere with open minds who are making change happen and keeping the momentum alive. That gives me hope and we should all join that population, the best we can. So, take off the dead bolt, unlock your doors and say welcome to new perspective. It will change your life. 




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