Open minds and feather lives

This year is about being lighter. My symbols for 2014 are a feather and a rock. To be free, floating and moving to new places, taking what comes at me with grace, beauty and accepting the power of new limitations. I am going to drift  but also feel grounded in my own presence. The lightness of 2014 is going to be about feeling light on my feet, in my head, in my own being and in my feelings. I am going to eat to feel lighter, breathe to feel free, feel things in a way that causes little stress and exercise in a way that makes me feel strong, but not in a way that is hurtful to my health. I am a feather drifting but a rock looking to be grounded.

I am going to try doing things differently with my vision of life by having a wider perspective. No more of this close-minded bullshit. Narrow minds are for people who either a) have a specific goal they want/need to attain and don’t care how they get there, b) for weak people who have no motivation c) selfish minds d) people who don’t realize the immensity of life or e) people who dream so big they forget to appreciate the small important aspects of the presence. I am “e”. I am going to be better than that this year. Big dreams won’t come with narrow minds that forget the presence of everyday life. Big dreams happen for people who respect the process and work hard.

Another goal I have this year is self-apprecation. I lack courage and faith in my own goals, thoughts and dreams. I want to share with other people what I think, but this is something that comes as a huge challenge to me. I have had this blog for a couple years, but I am constantly losing faith in my story, so I either put it aside or change the subject when people ask me about it. This is because I have never had the strength to share it, afraid of judgement and demeaning words. This year is about staying strong and confident in my opinions, my words and my expressions and putting aside negativity. I am who I am and I want to share who I am with other people, without being afraid of what I think or others think. We all fear things and this year I want to empower others to not be afraid of what they fear. “Do something everyday that scares you” – Eleanor Roosevelt 

Today this is what “scared me”. I’ve never had a papaya. Today I ate a papaya. I did not particularly care for this papaya, but I tried it. I also tried star fruit. I did not particularly care for that either. But I tried it too. So, long story short, my lunch consisted of a papaya and a star fruit–two foods I did not really enjoy, but I am trying new things. I mixed them up in my Ninja blender with some mango, almond milk, honey and ice and had myself a very unusual tasting smoothie. These foods have good nutrients and strong health benefits, so even though it wasn’t my favorite food, I enjoyed (some of) it. 

Papaya health benefits include high vitamin C, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants. Vitamin C plays an important role in collagen production for strong and healthy bones, teeth/gums and muscles. Another great nutrient in papayas is potassium, which plays an important role in lowering the negative effects of sodium by lowering blood pressure. Another important antioxidant found in papayas is lycopene which is shown to lower your risk of cancer, especially for men who are at risk for prostate cancer. Lycopene is also found in crushed tomato products, such as red tomato sauce or ketchup. Hello boys, get your lycopene and keep those prostates healthy! 





All in all, today’s new food experience was definitely an “experience”!

Here’s to trying new things we might not like, but doing these things anyway, because out of all the new things we try we are most likely going to find a handful of things we really do like. Happy 2014 friends, keep your chins up, your core tight, your breaths relaxing, your shoulders back, your tummy’s happy and your mind open and accepting. Do something that scares you, and while you are at it do something kind for somebody today–you never know what kind of struggle they might be going for. 

Everyday is another opportunity to make somebody smile 🙂


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