Here’s To What We Blog and Who “We” Are:

I think a lot of people blog about recipes and want to create interest and assume attention to their foods and   share what they cook and eat. I think that is wonderful, and a part of me wants to be like that. A part of me thinks I want to gather all of my specific ingredients and the steps I took to make a meal and put it all together and pass it along to others. But, there is another part of me, I feel like it is a bigger part of me that just wants to feel every experience and share every experience that I have. Whether it is rushing around the kitchen on a Saturday night to throw together an appetizer to hand my mom on her way out the door to her tennis team Christmas party. Or maybe that experience is waking up to a hot cup of tea and a quick fruit and yogurt parfait. I want to share experiences, my hopes and dreams. Alright, maybe that is a bit cliche–I think I got carried away in “Anywhere But Hear” by SafetySuit currently playing on pandora. That is deep stuff sometimes. Really gets me thinking.

Kind of cliche but also kind of true. I think people can really connect with each other or even just with themselves by reading and writing. We don’t always want to say what is on our mind, at least I know I don’t. I get caught up in saying the right thing all the time and usually just end up saying nothing because I don’t want to disappoint or confuse other people. To me, writing is that way of getting all your thoughts out there and letting people have a chance to stop and reassume or reinterpret the way you think and the realizations you have without A) judging you right away and B) thinking about how their perspective meets yours. Not everybody does these things, but it is nice to think that maybe that is how it works in a lot of peoples’ heads.

I am going to blog recipes too. I do want to be that person. I want to share recipes that I borrow and recipes that I make up. Be prepared though, because the recipe can get deeper than the recipe. That’s how I see it at least. For example, I am applying to jobs right now. Real Jobs. I need a real job. Well, I want a real job. I really want to get a backpack and jump on a plane and travel the world. That isn’t realistic right now. It has come to my attention that I need plans in life. Real, solid plans. I need these plans before I can make abrupt actions. You don’t agree? I didn’t agree either. That was until a wise women in my life told me to go outside, in my very homey neighborhood, and survive for a week, even just the night, with no plan. I said I could do it. I mean I probably could. No, lets be real I probably couldn’t. In no time I would be knocking on somebodies door (somebody who I know’s door) begging for shelter. So, the travel the world option is on hold for right now. That is why I want a job. I want to ground myself. I need to ground myself.

Need versus want. That is a tricky one. We think there are way more things in life that we want but I think if you think about it, there are many more things in life that we need. Think about all the things you have right now that you need, but you take for granted. Water, fruit, the chair you are sitting in, the computer you have in front of you, the shelter you are under, the shoes on your feet, your knowledge, your fingers you are typing with, the toilet down the hall, the deodorant keeping you from being stinky. There are so many things we take for granted that we really do need. We can tell ourselves we don’t need them and we can say that hypothetically we would be able to live on the street for a week. Maybe some of us could, but we probably wouldn’t enjoy it and would come back home pretty quickly.

Now think about all of those things you want. I want plane tickets all the time and I want to meet new people everyday. I want to lose ten pounds and get a book published. I want to find my dream job and I want more people to follow my blog. Sometimes I even just want more people to like my pictures on Instagram. I want health for all of my friends and family. I want to solve the obesity epidemic. I want so many things that are out of my control. I want things that are in my control but I must work harder than normal to attain. I also want things that other people have, that I don’t have. Thats another thing. We get caught up in wanting what others have. Why? Can’t we just be happy with what we have?

No. Not always. Because life is always changing. Everybody would be bored with the same things all the time. Some people are okay with that, but the majority of people want change and they want the next best thing. We also want change because we give up. We give up on diets and jobs and relationships. We have to work harder. Who is we? We is the collective population of people who inhabit this earth who take for granted what they have. I am part of the we. You are part of the we. Unless we have absolutely nothing, we are part of the we.

So, need versus want. We need what we want and we want what we need. Believe it or not, like it or not, its a cycle. Life is a cycle and we are stuck in it. So why blog solely about recipes when you can really get “the we” thinking.

This alls began with some chocolates and some vegan banana chocolate chip cookies. Pictures present, recipes to come.




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