We should be happy everyday

Here is a happy day.

Knowing that you have all of the potential to do what you want and be who you want is great, but not knowing what that one thing you really want is hard, really hard. I’m only twenty-two and I just graduated college…like just graduated college, two days ago, but I want to know what I want to do. I know that I want to do something great, and influence people in a really positive way, I just have not figured out how I am going to do that. I am going to start by cooking because I enjoy that. I enjoy cooking and baking in a sense that I know I can take whatever I want and mix it together to create something wildly unknown and undiscovered.

I think people are too caught up in the rights and wrongs in life; like can I wear this shirt with these pants or do avocados and cilantro go together? WHO CARES!? Who is that person we are asking? Who is really judging us for wearing what we want to wear or eat what we want to eat? In the end it really only matters if we felt good in the clothes on our back and if what we ate was an experience. It doesn’t even have to taste good. As long as we enjoyed making it and we learned what the outcome was. We can always change the recipe. There is no one recipe for any specific food and there is no one recipe for life. We don’t have to follow the rules all the time. I currently have spinach muffins in the oven. I have no idea what they are going to be like, but I know they don’t smell like your typical sunday morning brunch–definitely a bit more earthy and bit less melt in your mouth sugary. But hey–I am going to try it out and see what happens. I think that is my new attitude and how I am going to start viewing life.

What do we really have to lose by going out on a limb, being ourselves, being crazier than ourselves and experimenting with the possibilities that go beyond reality? Stop being afraid of who you are and what you are supposed to do. Everybody is judging you–always– that is not going change, ever. People are always going to question your behavior and your view, but there are also people who are going to stop and say wow, she/he is pretty awesome and kind of changed my life today. Whether it is smiling at a stranger or stopping in the road to pick up a penny, asking somebody out on a date, mixing vegetables with fruits–stop being afraid of what you are afraid of, and start living your life. Any day that I can stop, take a breath and do something that scares me, even just a little bit, that my friends is a happy day.

I cooked salmon for the first time in my life. That scared me. I made and ate a meal that was about 50% cilantro. That really scared me. I made quinoa with pomegranates and pistachios. That was exciting and might I add ahhhmazing. I made salsa with oranges. I made something completely out of the ordinary and I loved every second of it. Cooking it, eating it and savoring it. I loved it and it was a happy day for me.







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