Food Feelings

I hate when I find myself in that place where I am not eating what I know i should be. You know when you just don’t feel like you are at your best–like you have the potential to be so much healthier and happier, and you know it is because of what you are eating? 

The reason I preach “find joy in food” is because you really can find JOY in FOOD. The nutrients, the calories, the taste, the texture, the smell–these are all the splendid joys we gather from the food we embrace. Take a minute to think about the last thing you ate and really think about everything it has to offer–how it affected your mood, your taste buds, your overall being. What changed after or while you were eating this specific food? And was it a joyful experience or one you would choose to never experience again? Or maybe it was a neutral experience. Whatever it was–what was it?




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