My future–lost in translation

It has been much too long, and my food photos are stacking up! I cannot believe I have neglected to write a blog post in almost a year. I was sitting in my Nutrition Education and Counseling class just the other day, and naturally I was not paying attention to my professor. Even though I sit in the front row, my mind always wanders off and I end up pulling my planner out of my purse and writing things down on my to-do list. Most of these lists end up sitting in stacks in my planner, with no possibility of getting done in the near future, but I can’t help that I am always thinking about the future’s possibilities. As I was in deep conversation with myself–in my head of course, I asked myself “What are my passions?” “What do I love to do?”. And this is what I came up with….

I love food. That is just a given. Food is the epitome of life. At least that is what I believe. I mean lets be honest, without food there is no life. But it is deeper than just food. Food has become something so much more these days. And I guess what I mean by “so much more“…is really so much less. Food today, is not what food used to be. If you ask a kid in middle school right now what their favorite food is…I doubt they are going to say heirloom tomatoes or fresh homemade chicken pot pie, made with all local ingredients. They are probably going to say something like pizza (probably Dominoes or Pizza Hut or one of those “chain” restaurants that keep popping up on every corner in America). What happened to real food and when did it get so lost in translation? That is a question that I hope to spend a lot of my future trying to figure out. I love real food. I love making new meals out of real food. And I want to help people, Americans mainly, get back to the reassurance and obligation of real food in their everyday diet. So when I put food on the top of my list, I put it there because it is not only the most important piece of life, it is the one piece of life that is becoming lost and mistreated by so many people.

There are so many people in America who do not even realize their mistreatment of real food, which brings me to traveling. I have traveled to Europe and I have traveled to a fairly large portion of the US, but there is much more traveling that needs to be done on my part. Traveling around the US is ideal in my future endeavors, because although I may be fortunate enough to have a fairly decent amount of “real food” at my finger tips, there are too many people in our country who do not. I must travel to learn. I must learn why these people cannot obtain certain luxuries. It may be money or time or location, but no matter what it is it is not fair. It should be possible to expand this necessity to everybody. Traveling to European countries, I saw this being done. I saw places where food is safer, more available and most importantly sacred and celebrated. I hope to expand my traveling horizon so that I can engage and learn more about the sustainability of culture and tradition.

Writing is a form of communication which leads to knowledge and education. Writing has always been something that has come naturally to me. With a blank piece of paper of a blank document in front of me I have the power to create something new. Writing also gives me the potential to express knowledge and teach people by creating awareness. So many people lack knowledge. Most importantly writing is a way to express opinion and honesty. I love writing because I can be myself when I write.

Images are a universal language. There is no complication when it comes to trying to decipher a photograph. Images are images. You see what you see. A rotten tomato in a picture is a rotten tomato no matter what language you speak or read. A fresh, delicious bowl of salad with colorful vegetables will look the same no matter what language the caption is in.


I’m not sure if it is the approaching holiday season, the cold weather, or the quickly ending fall semester of my senior year of college but I am remembering my passions and realizing that I can make a future out of what I love. I may have to climb a ladder to get to that dream job, or maybe I will immediately find something that I love to do, but for now I can eat good food, travel when I can, write whenever the hell I want, and take pictures with a click of my iphone or Nikon. So, readers, please stay tuned because there will be more about all of my passions. I may still be lost in translation, but I am enjoying the journey to nowhere.


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