My “Cibo Bambino”

Good evening world! Firstly I would like to introduce to you an Italian phrase, which I completely made up. “Cibo Bambino”. It translates (kind of) in English to “Food Baby”. I am sure you are all familiar with the term “Food Baby”, and may I tell you that I have quite the food baby at this moment.

Might I say that it is going to be another long night, because the chocolate craving has yet to subside. It is quite astonishing to think about the amount of food i just ate. I made a fantastic lemon chicken with brown rice and zucchini for dinner, and even though i was numbingly full I persisted to move onto dessert. The chocolate-craving mind, which I call my own, couldn’t help but make a masterpiece out of the mouth watering, irresistible, Floridian strawberries that were taking up too much room in the refrigerator. So, I rinsed the perfect bundle of berries and got to work.


I melted about 3/4 a bag of NESTLE semisweet chocolate chips with about a tablespoon of shortening, and dipped the strawberries. They were pretty perfect, if I do say so myself. Take a look for yourself…


Any normal person would probably be content with a tray of irresistible looking chocolate covered strawberries, but obviously I did not think it was enough to leave it at just that. So, I melted some white chocolate chips as well. I took a select few of the little beauties and drizzled some white chocolate on top and tossed on some pomegranate seeds I had sitting in the fridge!

I put the beautiful tray into the fridge and impatiently waited at the kitchen counter, twiddling my thumbs or something of that nature. It is all still a blur because my anxious behavior finally got the best of me and I tasted one.


I wish I could say, I ate one, and that was it. But, that would be the biggest lie of the century. Since we are being honest, I scooped myself a bit of vanilla ice cream and topped it off with a few of my mouth watering little treats. Using the word “little” and “treat” in the same sentence sometimes makes me feel better about the fact that I ate about six of those “little treats”.

Looking back on the experience, i’d say it was totally worth the food baby I am currently nursing, or how I sometimes say, my “cibo bambino”.


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