Cocoa Crisis

It is just one of those nights where I can’t get enough chocolate. Chocolate cake and chocolate chips and leftover italian chocolates…nothing quenches the chocolate crave tonight. Even though I know that chocolate gives me crazy dreams and it is 11 Pm right now, I still can’t keep my paws off the chocolate. For all you chocolate divas out there, live it up and embrace being a chocolate addict. The way I see it, chocolates natural…at least i’m not chugging grape soda?

I wish that statement made me feel better about the pound of chocolate I just ate, but the truth is everyones going to have a chunky chocolate challenge sooner or later, and unfortunately mine struck hard tonight. Hopefully I am set for a few weeks, and I will focus on the good things in life tomorrow……like carrots and celery. Woof, we shall see. Good night world!


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