Cold Cup of Coffee.

Good morning world!

Don’t you just hate when you have a perfect cup of coffee, and then you get sidetracked by, I don’t know…starting a blog…chasing around your eight week old puppy…staring into the fridge trying to decide what to make for breakfast. Yup, all of those things just happened to me, and now my perfect cup of Italian style coffee with a splash of eggnog is face scrunching, tongue regretting, bitter and cold.

I must bring to your attention, that coffee and eggnog was a gift from heaven. This accidental discovery of mine came about a few days before Christmas, when naturally most people keep eggnog in their refrigerators. I took the eggnog carton out of the fridge instead of the half an half by accident, but instead of walking the four steps back to the fridge to make the exchange, I plopped a bit of eggnog in my coffee. It was pure brilliance if you ask me. First of all, it is like skipping a step. Are you a cream and sugar kind of person? I am. But eggnog has the cream and sugar, so its like a two-in-one, shampoo-conditioner kind of thing. Genius if you ask me. So, skip the cream, the half and half, and the sugar. Purchase a carton of eggnog and BAM, de-lish. Also, it may sound crazy…but half and half compared to eggnog….less calories in the eggnog. AW yeah.

Do yourself a favor, spice up your regular boring cup of coffee with a little something different, and while your at it, stay posted for some precoius pancake recipes.

Ciao, my fellow coffee drinkers!


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